i’m working so hard right now to keep real life feels from working their way into my fic but it’s not working well

The Politician’s Assistant


So, here it is. I do hope you enjoy. And I do have more planned for them. And if you didn’t see it, I did post a separate disclaimer for this story.

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and now i’m watching the great muppet caper instead of writing

i swear i’m a super productive adult with age-appropriate interests

okay, that’s it. i’m closing everything and working on my dance class au

let’s see how long this lasts

noblydonedonnanoble: 22 for Peter/Nellie? :D


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It’s fast becoming evident that Peter Vincent’s friends are growing up.

And there is no place where this depressing truth is more apparent than at a wedding, where they all sit with their responsible hair cuts and their manicured wives, drinking champagne and talking about the economy.

Now, yet another one of Peter’s mates has taken the plunge. He feels like an endangered species, the last bachelor in his natural habitat. Peter bloody hates weddings.

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boo, they’ve got donna, catherine, alec, emmett and eleanor in the uk but they haven’t got them here

someone buy them and send them to me

So I might have seen these at Jewel and decided to start a collection.


Benedick & Beatrice (2/?)

Much Ado About Nothing (2011)

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