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i totally thought i’d get through journey’s end without crying this time

but nope

can we talk about how dalek caan said that donna is the doctor’s most faithful companion because that’s realy fucking important


i was on the dash of my main account when i saw this

and i’m just like

ah yes

that noblydonedonnanoble sounds like a pretty great blog

i’ve got 123 followers on this blog

this is deeply satisfying


RTD Era Meme: [1/2] Scenes that makes you cry

I was gonna be with you. Forever. Rest of my life. Travelling in the Tardis. The DoctorDonna.”

my friend and i are supposed to watch the stolen earth and journey’s end today and she’s not going to let me skip them 

i don’t want to do this i just did this two months ago i’m not ready to go through this again

Oh hello again, i read the Parental Grace fic about beach.... and if it's not accelerate things too much, can you do the fic with they on the beach? and maybe Emmett finally kisses Alicia and the kids celebrates it and the twins are like "oh we've thought that you was waiting an invitation, dad." please? cuz i am waiting anxious for a fic when they finally kiss, oh they're so perfect together then, why not? thank you very much -XX


Summer of Love 

Emmett’s theory was correct: Alicia looks damn hot in a bikini. 

As satisfied as he is to be proven right, as he knew he would, it’s awfully distracting. He can’t take his eyes off her! Not only has he been slow setting everything up but he’s almost face planted at least seven times. 

The kids think it’s hilarious. 

And Alicia doesn’t have a frickin’ clue! She has no idea how beautiful she is with her pale tummy and her creamy legs and her amazing breasts cradled lovingly by white material.

"This place is gorgeous!" she says in that super alluring accent of hers.

"Yeah, it’s one of our favorites," Emmett smiles back while keeping his eye on the kids. Brian and Dave are running towards the waves eagerly while Julia is sitting with just her feet in nice and proper. She’s just like her ‘Mum’.

"I can see why," Alicia sighs as she eases herself into the chair Emmett set up. Admittedly, she was a little nervous about the beach trip when he suggested it. That, and she fretted for hours over what to wear in terms of swimming. However, assuring herself she had no intention of going in the water, she chose her favorite old white two-piece. Emmett hasn’t taken his eyes off of it, so it’s done its job. 

Of course it’s still not a date-date. No, they have yet to breach that safe zone. All of their ‘dates’ have been with the kids, so it’s a way of dancing around the more dangerous areas. 

"Do you want a drink? Are you in the shade?" Emmett asks, in quite quick succession too. "Do you need sunscreen?—on your back? Not to sound cliche, I-I just-"

"That’s very sweet but I’m fine, thank you," Alicia tries to calm his rapid fire questioning. "I put some on at home." 

Emmett struggles with crushing disappointment, “oh.” 

Alicia fiddles with her sunglasses in her hands now. Maybe this is a stupid idea, but she’s had it, so here goes. “Of course…it never hurts to reapply.” 

It’s so small he almost doesn’t hear it at first. Then he lights up, “yeah!—let me, uh, help you out!” 

Alicia bites her lip as she turns her body to the side and unties the sarong at her waist. It’s there for modesty’s sake more than practicality. When her bare back hits the air she shivers despite the heat of the day.

Emmett is practically bouncing, like some dumb teenager getting buy a girl a soda. It’s kinda like that, though, he thinks to himself. At least, Alicia makes him feel that way. Every little thing he gets to do for her is a treat! “Okay, y’ready, Dollface?” 

Alicia doesn’t turn at the name, already feeling heat travel up her neck and butterflies swirl inside her. She nods. 

Emmett grins as Alicia lets out a lightly purring moan. He makes sure to massage the cool cream into her skin nicely, until her freckles are no longer masked with pale color. Wow, she has a lot more than he thought she did. She’s so cute! 

Alicia lets out a tiny whimper as Emmett’s hands travel lower. Mortified, but too distracted to react to it, she feels her face become warmer and warmer. This is the closest they’ve come, physically. God, this is good. 

Emmett has a look of pure concentration as he tries to slip his fingers under the band of her halter bikini top as carefully as possible. She lets out a gasp and he feels emboldened. He continues lower until he can massage the dimples in her back, which are by far the cutest part of her he’s seen to this day (not counting her lips—those are always his fav).

Alicia clears her throat as Emmett pulls his hands away. Hoping she’s not shaking she turns to thank him. He’s right there, though. 

Emmett smiles at finding her almost nose to nose with him. He’s been waiting for this, although, y’know, there’s no need to rush her. A lady like this should go at her own pace; “hi.” 

"Hi," Alicia answers completely breathless. Her cheeks still feel hot, and she’s wondering if they’ve been that way all day. They’ve certainly been that way since she got a good look at him in his swim trunks (that man is a lot more…muscly than he looks in just a suit). 

Emmett is the one to go for it, and they’re both glad he does. His lips do the talking but Alicia obliges happily, bringing her hands to his cheeks as an anchor. She meets each of his kisses before deepening one so her tongue can reach his. He leans further over her, moaning deeply. She moves one hand to run over his chest in reply. It’s deeply satisfying to know that his chest hair is just as soft as she has imagined…all day. 

"Guys, cut it out!" 

"This is a public beach!" 


Alicia pulls away first, shyly at that. Her lips roll inward, but her eyes are large and sparkly. Her breathing is a little heavy, making her chest rise and fall alluringly. 

"Wow," Emmett breathes, himself quite winded from it. He runs a hand through his hair, mussing it (quite sexily). "I’ve been wanting to do that forever, f-y-i."

Alicia, now familiar with acronyms thanks to Emmett and his texting, blushes deeper and deeper. She was already flushed, but the kids aren’t helping her shyness. 

Julia stands with her little hands on her little hips. “And how long have you kept him waiting?” 

Alicia’s jaw drops at her daughter’s question, clearly directed at her. 

6.) favorite band

Arctic Monkeys, Maroon 5 and 1D are all about tied

13.) life goal(s)

I rarely set solid goals for myself, because I’m honestly a bit rubbish at carrying through. There are some things that I’d like to accomplish… probably the most significant is that I’d like to publish a book eventually maybe.